No Land beyond Cruising with the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

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One of the most understated aspects about choosing vehicles these days is the need to have a model that can handle any situation in case unthinkable events should come up. Because of the unpredictable nature of the world lately, the vehicle of choice should be powerful, sturdy and reliable on any terrain. With just those characteristics, plenty of models can easily come to mind, but none can take a more prominent spot than the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser as the vehicle for every need.

As a vehicle for all occasions, the Land Cruiser definitely has a knack for fitting into any scheme that you might ask of it, from fancy dinner events to trudging up a mountain for your summer camping trip. It literally fits into every perception and no one can question its presence anywhere other than to ask where to buy one. It also helps that it looks absolutely stunning in any color and will still look gorgeous even when caked in mud.

As far as interiors go, the one inside the Land Cruiser is for the books with its immensely satisfying amount of space, comfortably luxurious seating materials, and incredibly homey condition. You could camp in this baby for weeks and not feel like you are missing out on anything in the outside world. As to the gadgetry, you have a delectable array of navigation controls, monitoring panels and even cameras that checks how safe your environment is.

True to form, the Land Cruiser has the power to just as easily get you up a mountain as drive up a smooth hotel lane. With its innovative stability mechanisms, the ride is smoother than you might expect, so no fear of bumps attached.

True Performance with the 2013 Scion FR-S

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Flashy, sleek, and edgy. These are just some of the features of the 2013 Scion FR-S. Far from the usually boxy structure of other Scion cars, this model was aimed for the younger crowd who wants performance and appeal combined in one ride. It is lightweight and comes at a low price compared to other competitors in the market which is why the 2013 Scion FR-S is a great choice for those looking for a performance vehicle.

The interiors are basic and very easy to understand with its audio and climate controls. Free of any buttons, the steering wheel on the Scion FR-S offers steady grip befitting of this sports car inspired ride. Although it comes in a single trim only, the Scion FR-S focuses more on the driving experience instead of differences in looks and features.

Standard on the Scion FR-S are 17-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, full power accessories, tilt and telescoping steering wheel for more comfort and a height-adjustable driver seat. It has an 8-speaker sound system from Pioneer and is Bluetooth enabled along with added connectivity features such as USB and iPod docks. For additional features, dealer-installed options may include foglamps, upgraded audio system, and other suspension and engine parts.

Powered by a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine, it makes up to 200 horsepower which can make this lightweight car reach 0 to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. This is quick enough compared to more powerful but heavier sporty coupes. The Scion FR-S also offers good fuel economy standing at 22 mpg city/30 mpg highway while it goes for 28 mpg combined on the manual and 25/34/28 on the automatic.

It has a spacious legroom for the driver while offering enough comfort for the rear seat occupants. With quick and precise steering and handling, the Scion FR-S will make its owners want to drive more often as it is fun and very nimble to handle.

Toyota Offers More with the 2013 Sienna

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Some car shoppers choose min vans based on style but Toyota wanted to take the notch higher thus incorporating the 2013 Toyota Sienna with modern twists and touches. The new model showcases the latest design by Toyota including a low grille that narrows upward into the roofline. This minivan is something that looks clean but functions very well and does its job perfectly. You will also like the simplicity of the cockpit, organized to make things easier for the driver.

In the last 2 model years, the Sienna was equipped with a four-cylinder engine but this year, it is now fitted with a 3.5-liter V-6 rated at 266 horsepower with a six-speed automatic. When driving the 2013 Sienna, you will feel the electric power steering and its independent suspension and you will know that they made driving the Sienna a better experience.

The 2013 Sienna is at 200 inches long and more than 78 inches wide so technically, this is a big vehicle. If you want space, it has space and there’s many of it even in the third row. The front seats give you a regal seating position and the second row has a pair of airline-style reclining bucket seats. The basic bench is big enough so you have enough leg and head room. If you slide it, the second and third rows will have more rooms, also. If you need space for your cargo, the 2013 Sienna gives you 150 cubic feet of cargo space.

Some of the standard features of the 2013 Sienna include curtain airbags and stability control. There’s also a rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity. For the upper trims, you can have the blind-spot monitors. All the trims have dual sliding side doors plus power windows, locks and mirrors.

Truck Fans will Surely Love the 2013 Toyota Tacoma

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If you are shopping for a truck, the 2013 Toyota Tacoma is a great choice especially now with the new features added to it. It is now powered with better Antilock brakes and car shoppers now have 4 engines to choose from. There are two V-6 engines and two Type 4-cylinder engines with either automatic or manual transmission. You also have three body style options including a 2-door regular, 2-door extended Access Cab and a 4-door Double Cab crew cab. Toyota fans will surely love the new 2013 Tacoma.

The 2013 Tacoma is Toyota’s compact pickup truck and this is by far the best-selling vehicle in its class. The addition of the high-end package for the Double Cab is one of the major changes this model year. The base trim is equipped with air conditioning, tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Additional standard features for the 2013 Tacoma are the Bluetooth connectivity and USB port. The Access and Double Cab trims have power windows and locks.

If you are willing to spend some more, the higher trims include a cruise control, a rearview camera and a lowered sport suspension. There’s a Limited Package also available now for the V6-powered Double Cabs. Some added features are the heated sports seats, HD Radio Receiver and sliding rear window.

The Tacoma is available in 2 engines: the 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine rated at 159 horsepower standard to the regular cab or the 4.0-liter V6 engine rated at 236 horsepower. If you choose the four-cylinder models, you can have the 5-speed manual or the 4-speed automatic.

The fuel efficiency of the 2013 Tacoma is rated at 21 mpg city/25 mpg highway for rear-wheel drive with the 4-cylinder combined with manual transmission. Fuel efficiency is at 16/21 with the V6 combined with manual transmission.

The Sporty 2013 Scion tC

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Offered in two trim levels, the 2013 Scion tC is a sporty hatchback coupe which can seat up to five passengers. Standard on the base trim are 18-inch alloy wheels, full power accessories, remote keyless entry system, cruise control, and a panoramic sunroof. For added driver comfort, it also comes equipped with a tilt and telescoping steering wheel.  The limited Release Series 8.0 trim has a different set of 18-inch wheels, aerodynamic body kit, lowered suspension and paddle shifters for automatic transmission and special interior trims. Passengers of both trims get to enjoy 60/40-split rear seats and seatback angle memory for more comfort.

Not skimping on technological features, this sporty coupe comes equipped with and eight speaker Pioneer sound system which can play audio from Bluetooth devices, or connected gadgets to the USB port. It also has HD radio, auxiliary audio jack, and an RCA output jack too.

Adding to the sporty exterior look is the equally sporty interior design. The steering wheel on all 2013 Scion tCs look like they were pulled straight off from racecars with their thick rims and flat bottoms. Drivers also have ease of control access as the steering wheel controls and other options are designed to be just within their reach.

Capable of accommodating up to 14 cubic feet worth of cargo, the folding rear seats make up additional luggage space whenever needed for bulky pieces or equipment. This feature of the 2013 Scion tC makes it one of the best compact coupes when it comes to cargo and storage space.

Powered by a 2.5-liter inline-4 engine, the front-wheel-drive Scion tC can produce up to 180 horsepower with 173 pound-feet of torque. On the base trim, a 6-speed manual transmission is standard while 6‑speed automatic transmission is optional. Regardless of chosen transmission, EPA-estimated fuel economy is 23 mpg city/31 mpg highway which is an excellent figure for all the cargo power the 2013 Scion tC has.

No Dilemma with the 2013 Toyota Venza

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For people who have families or in need of vehicles that can offer a lot of space but would like a vehicle with style at the same time, it can definitely be a challenge to meld the two traits. There are many models out there who try to accomplish this of course, but few manage to even come close to succeeding. Among those that really come through with such demands however, is the 2013 Toyota Venza, and it is one vehicle that really offers what is asked of it.

While the exterior of the Venza might invoke a stylishness that is not shared by many models out in the market, it also invokes a sense of safety through the reassuring shape of the design. This is a testament to the care that the engineers put into creating the Venza with fulfilling the wishes of practical and fashionable minds alike.

While the exterior is meant to inspire confidence in the safety and stylishness of the Venza, the interior serves to reinforce these points through truly beautiful and comfortable seat covers and ample space for legroom. The design of the interior also inspires a homey feeling among passengers so that they will not feel as if they did not belong. The knowledge that premium safety features are in place also serves to alleviate any fear that people might have about their safety.

In keeping with the theme of comfort and security, the Venza is also a marvel to drive with its impeccably smooth handling. That power under its hood is also nothing to scoff at, but it balances out quite well with the stability.

Ignore Limits with the 2013 Scion FR-S

Anyone who has been paying attention to the developments in the world of cars recently will know that there has been an influx of appearance regarding sports cars. Models of all kinds have been popping up one after another, and car aficionados are beside themselves in glee. However, not all of these car models are truly deserving of the label. Of the few authentic sports car models out there, the 2013 Scion FR-S is definitely one of those which fit the bill.

When it comes to the design of the exterior, the FR-S definitely suits the ideal body of a sports car in every conceivable way. Splendidly designed to accommodate seamless aerodynamics and the stylish features which are traditionally linked to sports cars, the FR-S is a car that will make you scream and drool in delight at the same time. So be sure to prepare adequately when you plan on getting on this car.

When it comes to the design of the interior, it is inadvisable to get inside the FR-S if you have a weak constitution. This is because the sheer awesomeness within the enclosed space of the FR-S interior will make your head spin. With devilishly brilliant control dashboard and seating designs, you will never want to do anything other than sit inside the FR-S ever again. No mistake about it, the FR-S is for people who want to drive beyond natural limits.

With unbelievably faultless control, the stability of the FR-S even while at top speed can be hard to believe. Then again, this is only expected when an incredibly powerful engine is kept in check by an incredibly convenient stabilization features.

Fit Your Family Comfortably with 2013 Toyota Sienna

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Looking for a family car to fit well for your family? The 2013 Toyota Sienna is a minivan that would certainly meet your family’s needs. This latest edition of Toyota Sienna had some changes from its base model and now comes with a better V6 engine. The new Toyota Sienna is outstanding with its 6-speed excellent and electronically managed transmission. These features give its users an efficient way of saving fuel. It also comes with all-wheel drive for a better control.

The internal features of the new 2013 Toyota Sienna gives you the feeling that you are on your own home. The cabin is warm and comfortable and is equipped with a Comfort 3-Zone Automatic Climate Control System. It also has a standard Cabin Air Filter with lots of legroom giving your family and your passengers the comfort you’ve always wanted to offer them while on the road.

Outside, the 2013 Toyota Sienna is designed in a sleek and modern style. It stays true to its bold front grille and timeless contours. An outstanding feature of this new Toyota Sienna edition is its Reverse Auto Tilting Side View Mirrors which automatically angle downward for a better viewing of the curb when doing parallel parking.

The following safety features are present in the 2013 Toyota Sienna: Anti – lock brakes that automatically senses when a tire stopped rotating, stability control, front impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags, knee airbags, Pretensioners which automatically tighten seatbelt to keep the occupant in its optimum seating position should there be any collision, and anti-whiplash head restraints that can actively react to its rear collision forces and keep the occupants safe should there be any whiplash injury.

No Regrets with the 2013 Scion tC

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A lot of people out there believe that looks are everything when it comes to choosing a car and that issues like power and control are second in line to think about. Unfortunately, this makes sense as humans will invariably gravitate towards outside appearance more than anything else. Then again, this reality does not have to mean a separation between looks, power and control since you can find all of them in the 2013 Scion tC. With this beauty of a vehicle, you will not have any cause for regret.

If we are talking about a majorly impressive look among top-of-the-line cars these days, the Scion tC definitely leaves no room for argument. From the front to the rear, the tC design sends out a clear message of being a machine of power and sophistication. With the way the exterior skin, the wheels, the exhaust and the windshields look, you would think that you were driving a fashionable tuxedo version of a car.

Since the tC is amply stylish and impressive on the outside, it would be deeply unfortunate if the inside falls short of expectations. Lucky for you, this is not the case as the interior of the tC exudes all kinds of quality design which brooks no argument.

The room for passengers is comfortably spacious and everything from the control mechanisms to the monitoring panel is simply jaw dropping. To be sure, this is a car that meets demands, both inside and out.

On the issue of performance, the tC also does not disappoint. With an incredibly powerful engine, you get plenty of speed without costing too much on fuel.

Make No Mistake with the 2013 Toyota Corolla

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In many cases, the opinion of the many does not necessarily constitute the truth and simply because everyone else is doing or buying something, it does not mean that you should follow suit. However, in the case involving the 2013 Toyota Corolla, one of the most popular compact car models in the market, you can definitely bet that the majority is right. If you still have doubts though, read on and find out why going for this model is a great idea.

On the outside, the Corolla is everything you can ask a compact car to look like and more, with its sensible design that combines conservative and assertive intentions seamlessly. It is clear that the Corolla was never meant to go overboard with its exterior and the engineers have achieved this effect admirably. So if you want a reasonably sleek car without seeming like you even notice how good it looks, you want the Corolla.

When it comes to the interior of the Corolla, this baby remains to be an exemplary model of a practical vehicle with its roomy passenger space and its smart use of area to provide comfortable legroom. You will also not find the interior design wanting as the Corolla is a car fit for the modern world with its logical placement of control buttons and car information display. Rest assured, the Corolla will never let you down in technological innovation.

Depending on which you choose though, you can either have a five speed transmission option with a manual Corolla or a four speed option with an electronically managed automatic Corolla. Either way, you still get plenty of speed and fuel efficiency, so it would be more of a personal preference thing.