Plug It In with the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in

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The world has radically changed since a few decades ago when people only knew of gas as the sole power behind making vehicles move. In the modern world, gas has become a commodity of demanding price, making alternative sources for powering cars quite needed. So for a car that allows you to travel on gas which can be converted into energy for a battery to keep you going, you need a hybrid. If you want to never have to need the gas at all, you need the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

As far as appearance goes, the Prius Plug-in hybrid is not much different to the original Prius hybrid, except perhaps for the addition of a space to put away the plug. It still has the sensible design that delivers the message of a greener environment and the no nonsense exterior to prevent distractions.

Looking at the interior of the Prius Plug-in, you would really be impressed at how wisely the engineers maximized the space inside the frankly small car. With the amount of legroom inside, people would have no problem getting comfy even with a full load. The design for the consol is also quite sensible, with the temperature control and navigation system logically positioned to prevent confusion.

In terms of performance, those looking to lessen fuel expenses will find nothing to worry about as a full charge of the Prius Plug-in would be more than enough for a drive around town without even needing the gas. If the electric charge should happen to run out however, the Plug-in will simply revert to hybrid mode and allow you to continue moving.

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: Leading the Way

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

Toyota has been the known leader and pioneer of hybrid cars and it is not so surprising that they keep formulating better formulas every now and then to outdo their previous creations.  They now present consumers with the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid that will define perfection of hybrid marksmanship. Toyota was originally hesitant with adding a plug-in system for its renowned Prius hybrid for the fact that a lithium-battery-powered plug in can be costly.  But due to insistent public demand and criticisms, it became a challenge for Toyota to do the unthinkable – to give us an even better and more cost effective gasoline-electric technology by the name of Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid.

This latest plug-in technology though has to be understand by consumers as its viability somehow depends on the consumer’s geographic location, access to charging facilities, and drive cycle.  Basically, the fuel mileage that every consumer and critic is bragging about boils down to the fact that long trips in the 2012 Toyota Hybrid Prius Plug-In Hybrid will give you exceptional fuel economy while short trips with may be more frequent recharging can give you a stellar fuel economy.

There are no major visible distinctions between the all new plug-in hybrid and the original hybrid aside from some minor paints and door handles that has “plug-in hybrid” decals.  Interior wise, Toyota made some minor adjustments to make more room for the larger battery pack by slightly raising the cargo floor.  Other than those, the major improvement would only be the battery pack.

The original hybrid makes use of nickel-metal hydride battery and it has definitely proven its work throughout the many years of consumers loving the original Prius hybrid.  However, the plug-in hybrid makes use of a more potent lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged in only three hours.

The new lithium-ion battery can make you run more miles by itself alone, thus, giving consumers an excellent boost in real-life fuel economy.  When the lithium-ion battery pack dies, the vehicle runs on the traditional hybrid that works on gasoline as well.  This further eliminates the remaining anxiety of most consumers when it comes to range.

2012 Toyota Prius V: Hybrid Fuel Economy Meets Wagon Practicality

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

The 2012 Toyota Prius V is one of the two extension models of the original Toyota Prius.  This came as a result of more consumers dreaming of Hybrid’s great fuel efficiency but is in dire need of a roomier car.  We all have different lifestyles and the 2012 Toyota Prius V is simply perfect for those who need quite an extensive cargo room along with passenger space but wants the benefits of a hybrid.  In today’s economy, who would not want a thrifty gas-electric powertrain? Critics are tagging the 2012 Toyota Prius V as the “holy grail combo”.  Once again, Toyota delivers exactly what the consumers have been longing for.  Even the adventurers would love this as there is no more need to eliminate most of their equipment to save room for friends who will be joining the trip.

Exterior sports a bit longer body looking more like a wagon with a capacity of five persons and cargo space similar if not better to that of small SUVs today.  Amazingly, it managed to remain the quietness in the cabin and smoothness even with a much more elongated body.  It definitely is a very practical choice especially if you are the person who has always been bummed out by outrageous fuel consumption over the past years.

While critics are somehow finding this great vehicle a bit hard to categorize, consumers are having no difficult time at all as they know in an instant that this belongs to their families.  It gives the just right balance of fuel economy with features of a station wagon.

Consumers do not mind at all the small difference in fuel efficiency when compared to the original hybrid because they know for a fact that they are getting more in terms of the whole package.  While it is true that we cannot have it all, we have the option of sacrificing a little something for a whole lot of other better things.

The 2012 Toyota Prius V gives the frugal families a chance of saving especially with the increasing fuel prices today.  Critics are saying that for the first time, the name Prius is screaming with both practicality and functionality.