2012 Toyota Tundra: Capable of Power and Pampering

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The 2012 Toyota Tundra is a very capable and hardworking truck that is available in a few different configurations.  It can tow, haul, and move people with a more than capable performance that would not disappoint. For 2012, Toyota basically did not do many outside changes for the Tundra but added some modern technology features like that of daytime running lamps, heated side mirrors, and a chrome package now available for the consumers who wants a bit more luxury in their rugged truck.

Being equipped with a very powerful V8 engine, consumers love the better driving experience that the sweet-sounding engine quickly delivers.  The 2012 Toyota Tundra’s strong points over its competitors are said to be fuel economy and maneuverability.

Toyota goes out with even the base trim level of the 2012 Toyota Tundra with a 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine.  This alone gives adequate power while keeping a low price tag.  The two-wheel drive V6 gets an EPA rating of 16/20 mpg city/highway.

The optional engine is a 4.6-liter V8 with all-wheel drive that gives more power that is not so hard on fuel economy with EPA rating of 14/19 mpg city/highway.  The 5.7-liter, on the other hand, gets 13/17 mpg respectively.

There is just no competing with the V8 that Toyota placed on the Tundra that can produce up to 310 hp of smooth power.  Steering and braking are also top notch for the class and remain highlights as well for this wonderfully large vehicle.

However, consumers are favoring the 5.7-liter V8 engine more being strong and responsive at any given speed at all making it the perfect choice for heavy-duty trailering and hauling.

The 2012 Toyota Tundra’s interior does not disappoint with the powertrain as well.  It gives a comfortable ride with very comfortable seats with highly impressive outward visibility.

2012 Toyota Tundra – Toyota’s Heavy Weight Truck

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

Picking a truck should suit your needs, so you might as well build one. And with the Tundra, Toyota will let you choose your parts, gadgets, and accessories that are compatible with each other; suiting your needs and taste afterwards.

First off is choosing the engine. From the Tundra, you can install a 4.0-Liter aluminum V6 DOHC 24-Valve with Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-I) engine that runs up to 270hp at 5600rpm, a 4.6-Liter aluminum i-FORCE V8 DOHC 32-Valve with Dual VVT-I engine that performs 310hp at 5600rpm, a 5.7-Liter aluminum i-FORCE V8 DOHC 32-Valve V8 with Dual VVT-i with 381hp at 5600rpm, or a 5.7-Liter aluminum i-FORCE V8 DOHC E85 Flex Fuel 32-Valve with Dual VVT-I that can run up to 381hp at 5600rpm. Among all four of them, the 4.0L V6 engine saves the most fuel, with 16mpg in the city and 20mpg on the highway.

Next in building a Toyota Tundra is choosing a body to use. The Tundra has four sculpts, namely – the regular cab, the double cab, the crew max, and the limited. The Long bed features a single cab, but compared to the regular, it has more space for cargo. The Crew Max has more space than the double, offering 6 spacious seats with a lot of foot room.

The final step is choosing the other essential parts. The wheels to choose from are – 17-inch split 6-spoke gunmetal-color-finished TRD Rock Warrior Package forged alloy wheels, 18-inch wheels, either a 5-spoke alloy type, a chrome appearance package chrome-clad steel type, or a Tundra grade styled steel wheels, or 20-inch 5-spoke wheels, either a split, machine-finished alloy type, an alloy type, or a TRD sport package alloy type.

For the interior, you can choose a simple audio system; a Bluetooth and USB enabled one; an audio system with display; or a voice-activated audio system (also with display).

Have your very own 2012 Toyota Tundra today in one of these colors – Barcelona red metallic, radiant red, magnetic gray metallic, pyrite mica, spruce mica, nautical blue metallic, super white, black, or silver sky metallic.

San Diego’s Gotta Love the 2012 Toyota Tundra

toyota tundra 2012 in san diego
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Toyota was able to penetrate the US automobile market easily in the economy car and sedan classes. The Tundra was its entry into the pick-up truck class way back in 2007, and this year marks the entry of the 2012 Toyota Tundra. How good does it compete against models from Dodge and Ford? Let’s take a look.

Pick-ups are known for power and durability, and the 2012 Toyota Tundra is almost at par with its American rivals. There are three engine packages to choose from: the 4.0 liter V6, the 4.6 liter V8 and the 5.7 liter V8. The 4.0L V6 generates 270 horsepower, while the 4.6L V8 generates 310 horsepower. Both have almost the same fuel efficiency rating at 16 mpg city/20 mpg highway.

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The 5.7L V8 generates up to 381 horsepower. Together with the optional Tow package, it can carry cargo or pull trailers weighing up to 10 tons. It will achieve that level of power when four-wheel drive is engaged. It will also chug fuel at a scary rate of 13 mpg city/17 mpg highway.

The cabin inside is equipped with semi-luxury amenities like limo-style rear-seats with plenty of leg room and reclining space. The dashboard has a navigation system with a touchscreen interface. There’s Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity with USB audio jack, and a CD/MP3 player audio system with up to 12 speakers depending on the model. There is also dual-zone climate control and real-time traffic updates.

Overall, the 2012 Toyota Tundra is a great pickup. One issue is the poor fuel efficiency rating. Also, Toyota didn’t improve much externally. There were few minor changes in body form and structure, thus making it look dry.

While it can go through almost any terrain, the difference lies in the handling and ride experience. Better options are found in rivals, like the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150. The Ram with its coil-spring rear suspension offers a better, smoother ride experience. Meanwhile, the F-150 has a more advanced engine and a sturdier frame. Nevertheless, the 2012 Tundra is a strong contender for top honors in the pickup class.