2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: Combining Play and Work Effortlessly

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is the best fleet amongst its category as it offers the capabilities of a full-size pickup without the extra burden that most full pick-ups have with a good fuel efficacy. The Tacoma Double Cab has been the most preferred and best-selling compact pickup in America. Aside from its capacity to combine work and play functions, the double cab’s design is stylish and modern. This year, the midsize pick-up didn’t undergo much changes after it had some facelifts, minute interior upgrades and with new audio systems. The 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab comes in with an Entune infotainment system.

The Double Cab has 2.7 Liter 4 – cylinder engine. This engine comes in with Toyota’s VVT – i technology (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) minimizing the concession that occurs between low-end torque and peak horsepower.

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is available in 6-speed Manual with EPA of 16 cty/19 hwy mpg, 4-speed Automatic 19 cty/24 hwy mpg and 5-speed Automatic 17cty/21 hwy mpg. The maximum towing capacity is 6,500 pounds while its payload is 1,535 pounds.

Exterior features of the new double cab are its grille and front-end treatment keeping its tough look. Black bumper s and plain wheels are standard for the double cab. Inside, the Tacoma pickup’s interior is finished with modern features that are colored with 2-tone gray or beige plastic panels emphasized by a metal trim. Seating is pretty spacious for both front and rear seats.

In addition to roomy legroom, the rear seat of the Double Cab has adjustable head restraints with additional storage area under its seat. The steering wheel is integrated with controls for audio and Bluetooth functions. Other features of the Double Cab include power mirrors, power door locks and power windows.

2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is Worth Every Penny

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

When you purchase a pickup truck, it is not always the biggest that will give you the most power and it is not always the nicest to look at the will give you the most in confidence since those are just superficial features that any models can have. In order to really justify your purchase, the truck has to have more than what the surface aspects can offer which would make buying it worthwhile. With the 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, this is clearly evident in that you get so much more than what its surfaces leads you to believe.

With the Tacoma Double Cab having the exterior that it does, it is not much of a stretch to conclude that you get what you paid for. The reason for this is due to how its meticulously sculpted frame promises a hidden strength, which the obvious contours then reinforce as a point that cannot be challenged. If you then throw in the personality which its front features palpably flaunt, you get the full package.

The interior of any vehicle holds the potential to give passengers and driver service beyond the obvious, and so it has to be made with a lot of effort. By giving the Tacoma Double Cab enormous passenger space, this is effort is already evident which is then solidified by covering the seats with high quality materials. The functional added service amenities only make things better.

When the Tacoma Double Cab demonstrates its performance, the power cannot be mistaken. Apart from that though, there is also the palpable amount of control which makes stability an unquestionable presence in the driving.

2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: The Work and Play Pickup Truck

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

For some reason, Americans have always loved pickup trucks.  Maybe it is because of their high versatility for work and play or the commanding presence they have on the road.  Either way, for as long as a pickup truck can deliver the needs of most people regardless if it is for work or play, it will surely find its place in most garages of Americans today. For 2013, the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab promises to exceed all the expectations of an ordinary American driver.  It is said to have exceeded everything that it has done in the past years.  It now boasts of a full size with high manageability and outstanding fuel efficiency.

The answer would be this simple – the 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab has all the functionalities of a full-sized pickup without the great thirst for fuel and the rough ride.  Drivers and passengers get to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with a state-of-the-art audio system.

It is and will forever be a pickup by all means yet the ride quality will not fail to amaze consumers.  The engine responds easily and eagerly without hurting fuel economy that much.

Americans are known to have the love for storage compartments.  Given the fact that pickup trucks are almost always use for rough trips down the countryside, everyone could surely use those extra storage compartments.  Besides, you can never have too many of those.

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma is known for its wide and supportive seats but the Double Cab takes it a notch higher with better and improved seating than the Access Cab.  It offers passengers at the back a full bench seat with adjustable head restraints for a safer trip while an adjustable rearview camera remains an option for either model of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma.

2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: Roomy Cabin for Your Family

Available in San Diego at Toyota San Diego

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is the newest edition to the Toyota Family. Since 1995, Tacoma has been part of Toyota which came out as a compact truck. But now, in its newest version, the Tacoma Double Cab is now a mid-size car. The 2013 Toyota Tacoma works with ease. All of its models have Limited Slip Differential that keeps the equal supply of torque in between the rear wheels. This keeps the car from slipping should any of its cars lose traction. The 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab makes use of 4L V6 engine.

One specific feature of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma is famous for its spacious cabin. As always, Toyota has been great in making spacious cars and this new Toyota Tacoma is one of its best cars. It is made with innovative materials and moving parts to support for its rear seat storage compartments with plenty of legroom for its passengers and the driver as well.

Outside, the new Toyota Tacoma Double Cab appears to be athletic and masculine. It is built with sleek design and fabulously stunning. Its contours are made for a timeless look with some front grille, sparkling colors and black accents giving it a more modern style.

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is equipped with anti – lock brakes that are automatically adjusts the break pressures increasing the car’s ability to turn while braking, stability control that automatically senses when the car exceeds or reduces engine power, front impact airbags, side impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags and Pretensioners which automatically tighten seatbelts placing the occupant in the right position during collision.