2012 Toyota 3rd Gen Prius

When it comes to searching for the perfect green car, you might want to look in to the 2012 Toyota 3rd Gen Prius. Here you will discover great gas mileage in a car especially if you plan on traveling longer distances. With its new innovations, you will also have a better driving experience and enjoy the benefits of a spacious cabin.

Here you will find great upgrades especially in this class. You get to enjoy an environment friendly car that boasts of higher gas mileage as well as a fresh take on hybrid cars. This hatchback comes in two versions. With the 5 door hatch back though, you get to have a high tail and split rear window plus an EPA of 50 mpg.

The 3rd Gen Prius gives you maximum comfort with its very spacious and roomy interior. You will find quite a lot of room for leg space at the back. Also this cushy deal gives you a cushy interior as well as a very comfortable ride with its silent cabin. When it comes to storage space, you will find convenient features on the dashboard such as the Information Center which is mounted high and close to the windshield. Also, driving instruments are configured much closer to the driver for added convenience.

When it comes to safety options, you will find that the 3rd Gen Prius is comes armed with radar based cruise control, rear view camera, lane departure warning system, Safety Connect system, tire pressure monitoring system, anti lock brakes and stability and traction control. You also get to avail the smart feature of an Intelligent Parking Assist which helps you control the steering wheel easily when you parallel park.

Its main feature with makes it different form the rest is the Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive which uses motor generators. This enables you to attain 30 mph of speed as well as greater torque to the engine. Also, this hybrid gives you a wowing factor with its 134 hp on both engine and hybrid.