2012 Toyota Tacoma

When it comes to searching for compact pickup trucks, you will find that you can get a top of the class choice with the 2012 Toyota Tacoma. You will find that its style has been refreshed for a better exterior styling. You will also find high tech features have been added in as well for your own entertainment and convenience. Driving the Tacoma around is also easier that other pickup trucks as it has smaller dimensions. This makes steering and maneuvering quite pleasurable even in the city.

Another feature that makes the 2012 more doable is that it also has a low base price and is very fuel efficient with its four cylinder feature. Here you get to save more cash. Also, you will find no complex features and a very easy to figure out instrument panel that will give you no hassle when driving. Another great feature is its high resale value should you wish to get a newer version of the Tacoma.

This compact pickup truck is available in three bodies: the Regular Cab, the Access Cab and the Double Cab. A five foot bed is available for standard Double Cab models while the Regular and Access Cabs come with 6 foot beds.

You will find that this three body styles are also available in two wheel drive and 4WD. Base entry features give you a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, a cloth bench seat, 15 inch steel wheels, limited slip differential, air conditioning, composite bed liner, bed utility rail system, CD player, a satellite radio and an audio jack.

If you avail four wheel drive cabs then you also get automatic transmission and bucket seats. An entry level Double Cab will give you upgraded feature such as front skid plates, 16 inch wheels, power mirrors, upgraded speakers as well as an iPod and USB audio interface with Bluetooth and audio connectivity.

If you want to avail more rugged features for heavy duty trucking, then you can get the Pre Runner Package which lets you avail lesser weight, improved traction and fuel economy. Or you can avail the rear wheel drive X Runner which will give you lower sport tuned suspension as well as a hood scoop, V6 lights, fog lights and an upgraded sound system.